Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Click Here If You like Soccer!

Yesterday my class and I went to Macleans College for the Special Olympics Football. We all went in the school Van and Nicola was driving the school van. It was a cloudy and a little bit wet. We played 3 games. The first school we versed Pakuranga College and they were pretty hard but we tried our best! The second game we versed Howick College. Our last game we versed Mt Roskill and we won. There was a prize giving and we came in third place! When the game was done we all went back to school and we were all tired but we had so much fun!

IMG_0497.JPG IMG_0459.JPG


  1. This looks like was a good game of soccer what was your best game?

    1. Hey Joel!

      I really liked playing with Mt Roskill!

  2. well done Mina doing the soccer