Friday, 17 March 2017

Learning About Waterways In NZ

Yesterday my class and I were supposed to go to the swimming pool but we end up going to Pakuranga Sailing Club at Farm Cove Beach because a lot of us didn’t bring our swimming togs.

We want there by the big and flash Toyota Van and Nicola my teacher drove us there as well.
While my teacher was driving the van Matthew, Kyi Kyaw and I was talking to each other and there was no music on because Nicola didn’t turn on the radio. I was pretty sad because I love to listen to music but at least I talk with my friends.

We then made it to the beach and we all got out of the van.
We then started walking while looking at different boats, beautiful houses, some guys fishing and the sea!
We then walked to the beach and saw some rubbish on the beach and pick them up because we need to keep our waterways clean and tidy. We also throw them in the bins as well. It was low tide which means there was not much water in the sea and walk on the sand while looking at the seagulls flying around the sea. It was so beautiful and I felt like I was Moana. I then started singing ‘How Far I'll Go’ by the disney movie Moana in my head because I didn’t want anyone to hear me sing, I then walked back to my class and walked off to the park near the beach.
My class and I then played Snakes and Ladders which was fun. There was slides which was the snakes and ladders. We then have to go back to school because it was almost time for us to go home. We then want back and had our lunch and had an awesome day at the beach!


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  1. Hi Mina,

    I do like the photos of you at Snakes & Ladder in Pakuranga Saling Club. You look all happy.

    From Andrew