Monday, 25 September 2017

Secret Monet art collection on display

This event took place at  an exhibition in Paris. A famous painter named Claude Monet’s, who died in 1926,  “secret” art collection was on display in Paris last week. He kept all of his collection upstair in his private apartments at Giverny.
Screenshot 2017-09-25 at 10.55.39.png

Heading to Te Oro!

On Thursday last week my class and I want to Te Oro in Glen Innes to check out everybody’s art work. I went there with my Mum and Dad because I live near to Te Oro. My Mum and Dad stayed with me for a few minutes and checked out a class who was singing and playing with sticks. After watching the performance my Mum and I went to check out our Polluted sea class we worked on with EWC 3 and saw a lot of rubbish my class and edgewater 3  had collected from home and our  class made the Blow fishes, eels and our turtle! I smiled when i saw the polluted room and even saw some bean bags from our classroom. I then said goodbye to my Mum because my Mum and Dad had to go back home.  I painted Volcano’s and helped create a Volcano art sculpture with some of my classmate. We then went to another room to made bags with Shelley and it was fun making bags with my classmate. I went to my favourite room which was the ICT room with Matthew, Thiha and Kaine and made music. I had so much fun but then I had to get find the rest of my class and my Mum and Dad because they were leaving. While going back to them I saw Julia artwork which was a very beautiful Mountain and then went to my Mum and Dad. I said goodbye to my class as I ran with my Mum and Dad to their van because it started raining and went back home.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Turning bush into Butter

This photo is an Informal photograph taken at Winiata near Taihape. It was also taken when new technology made it easier to photograph what went on in the world outside the studio. I can see one cat, two dogs and two cows in this photograph. Mum and dad are milking the house cows. The family nationality is Maori. This photo was taken by  Edward George Child. You had to burn down native bush if you wanted to get rid of it for farming. It was  hard work that went into making and running a farm but it also had a negative impact on our forests. Gone forever. The photographer show part of a forest which is still alive  and a lot of burnt trees in the background. The good and the bad.

Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 10.51.21.png

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Playing "So Makelo"

World’s first mobile phone museum opens

Stefan Polgari from Slovakia has been collecting old cell phones from the internet for two years and since then collected  1,500 models. Now he made a Museum of his collection of phones last year in the small Eastern town of Dobsina.
Screenshot 2017-09-13 at 11.06.54.png

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The world's biggest sandcastle

This event took place in western German city of Duisburg. 19 Sculptures all the way from Germany has made the world’s biggest sandcastle. Sculptures from Germany has built a 16 metre tower and it took them about three weeks to build this big tower. It featured a number of famous landmarks like the Great Sphinx of Giza, Venice’s Rialto Bridge and the graveside of Elvis Presley.

Screenshot 2017-09-06 at 10.54.26.png

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My Weekend

On Sunday it was Father’s Day and my oldest brother and his kids came over for dinner. My Mum made roast chicken with Mashed Potato and Mix vegetable for dinner while I was playing with my niece. My Mum then called for everyone to come to the kitchen to eat, we all came and started eating. After having dinner my niece, nephew and I had ice cream then my niece and I carried on  playing. My brother and his wife came back and had their dinner , my Mum dished out before they came while my niece and nephew were playing basketball outside in the backyard. The kids, my brother, his wife and I then played video games with my little brother on the Xbox. My second oldest sister came over with her four children and I started playing with them while I was on my phone checking if anyone had massaged me. My Dad is currently in Tonga and my Niece’s had a song for him so my Mum rang him by landline phone and they started singing. My Dad said thank you to the girls and then my Mum and him started talking on the phone while the kids and I started drawing on my art book. My sister then left with her kids and it was just my niece and nephew, my brother and his wife left. I then played my Bop-it with my niece while my nephew played video games with my little brother. c26-B004UCBU6M-1-l.jpg77a4299142a88c645534dbf45a78733b--pusheen-the-cat-comics-pusheen-cat.jpg

Friday, 25 August 2017

Manaiakalani & Me!

Today I went to the Panmure yacht club with one of my staff members,Shyama to represent our school as “the Manaiakalani ambassador” once again. There were lot of people from the Manaiakalani Trust, and some teachers and principals from the different schools. A group of students from Point England School  sang the welcome song  and then said a prayer before we all started.
I was really nervous at first, when I was watching some of the ambassadors having their turn. It was then my turn to go up and deliver my presentation about my work  including my main topic about “Disability Parking’’. Everyone there enjoyed and laughed together watching our movie. I felt so proud about myself, my class and my school.


THANK YOU Manaiakalani!!!!!!


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Street water slide in South Korea!

On 21 of August 2017.

Screenshot 2017-08-23 at 11.05.10.pngIn Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. People from the Winter Olympic Games made a 300 metre long water slide for the people to promote the Winter Olympic Games that is happening next year. Almost three thousand people had a go on the slide and had so much fun on it.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Dancing with Sarah

Yesterday My class and I had dancing with our dancing  teacher named Sarah. Before we do our Spanish dance my class and I do a warm up to a song called “Better when i’m dancing” By Meghan Trainor. After our warm up we then start doing our Spanish dance to a song called “Despacito” by Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi. At first it was very hard to learn it but then we all got use to it and it was fun to learn. We had so much fun and I love dancing!
IMG_6382.JPG  IMG_6384.JPG


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Hanging out with the year thirteen.

On Monday this week EWC 2, 3 and my class went to the school GYM to play some games with the year thirteens. All of the three classes were split in three groups and we all played different games. The first game I played was called “The floor was lava”. This game is about jumping on hoops and it was really funny when I had my turn because I would skip some hoops sometime. We then played table tennis and it was funny because I would say I’m a pro at playing table tennis and sometime I would win. After playing table tennis all of the three groups came together and played this game called “Octopus” and it was really funny and fun because I would run really fast. We all were really tired and then we were split into two groups and played  “Duck Duck Goose” after that we talked to the year thirteens. My class went back to our classroom and had our morning tea. IMG_0028.JPG IMG_0009.JPG IMG_0004.JPG

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Despacito now most watched video on youtube!

This news article took place in Youtube Headquarters.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee song called “Despacito” is now the most viewed video on youtube with 3 billion views and beat Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s  song called “See you again”. And also ranks as the most-listened artist globally on Spotify

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What did I do in my School Holiday?!

On my school Holiday.

It was my brother's daughter's birthday on Wednesday last week. My Mum, Dad and I head out to the Warehouse in Sylvia Park and brought her a Moana book and winter clothes. After buying her present we then want back home and me and my Mum wrapped up her present in wrapping paper. Next we waited for her to come over with my other nieces and nephews. Around twelve o’clock my nieces and nephews came to my place and I started playing while we all waited for the birthday girl and my brother to come over. A couple of minutes later, we all gave the birthday girl her presents. She was super happy and said thank you to us and she hugged me then she stay with her Mum most of the time because she was pretty sick we all then waited for my sister who had her birthday cake. My sister came over with the cake and we then started singing happy birthday to her while my Dad was making a video on his phone. She then blew out the candle when the song was finished and then started to eat pizza and KFC which my Mum and Dad brought earlier. After the birthday party was done all my other family members came and ate while my nieces and nephew was playing. Around ten o’clock everyone left and my sister, brothers, Mum, Dad and I went to bed and slept til the next day.  
Happy, Birthday - Free images on PixabayFree illustration: Birthday Girl, Birthdays, Script - Free Image ...

Friday, 7 July 2017

The time I saw the America Cup

On Thursday the 6th of July, my Dad and I went to the Americas Cup Ticker tape Parade. My Mum drove us to Queen Street around ten o'clock and dropped us near a shop and she drove back home. My Dad and I then started walking to Wendy's. While we were walking, I was listening to my music on my phone with my headphones. We then made it to Wendy’s and had breakfast because my Dad and I forgot to have our breakfast. We then walked around different shops and saw this food court and had lunch at this BBQ restaurant. My Dad had pork with rice and I had noodles with vegetable, Sweet and sour chicken, fried fish and this fish soup. I did not like the fish soup but my lunch was really yummy and my favourite part of my lunch I had was the sweet and sour chicken and noodles with vegetable. We then walked out of the food court and walked around Queen Street while looking at different shops. After walking out of Countdown we walked near the Parade and walked to this bus stop. We then waited for the Parade to start while looking around then the parade start at 12:30. My Dad saw everyone throwing confetti to the team New Zealand sailing crew and he told me to throw our confetti. I listened to my dad and tried to throw it but I ran way too fast and I fell down. I started crying while my Dad and this kind man ran to me and helped me to stand because I couldn’t stand very well and sit at the bench. My Dad then said if I wanted to stand on the bench and of course I said yes. He helped me with standing on the bench. I then got my phone out and started making videos as I shout out to the New Zealand sailors and some even wave to me. My Dad and I saw Peter Burling holding the America Cup and we heard everyone shout and clapping. The Parade was done so we walked back to the shop where my Mum dropped us and waited for my Mum for a few minutes and saw her. My Mum and drove us back home while I was telling her what happened today and that is my story 20170706_131435.jpg20170706_125739.jpg20170706_131553.jpg20170706_131116.jpg

Friday, 30 June 2017

Making a hot drink

This term we started learning to make a hot drink. I really like to make a cup of tea at home so I really liked learning it. The first thing I did was pouring water to the kettle and turn it on. The next thing I did was while the water was boiling, I put a tea bag in my cap and sugar as well, The water was done so I poured half of the hot water in my cup carefully, and poured
some milk and stirred it. So my drink was ready and I then and enjoyed it!


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Learning About The Food Pyramid

This term room 2 and my class is learning about the Food Pyramid. The food pyramid is all about what you should eat more and less. There are five groups all together in the food pyramid. The five groups are called Grains, Fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat and fish and Junk food. Grains is my favourite because in that group there is rice, bread, pasta and porridge, Dairy group got food made out of milk. Fruit and vegetables are what you should be eating more. We need meat and fish, chicken, eggs, steak and red meat to keep us fit and strong. We all love junk food and even adults like junk food as well! But we all need to eat less food like chips, takeaway, peanut butter, cookies etc.

IMG_4496.JPG IMG_5383.JPG

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The time I shared my learning

This is me at the Manaiakalani visitors day. I shared my school learning and my blog.

My presentation is here

Friday, 16 June 2017

Using New Zealand money

We have been learning to recognise New Zealand money and using it to purchase items at the shop. We compared the prices that we guessed and the actual cost. Here is our spreadsheet we used to make the graph.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My School Holiday

In the first week of my school holiday it was Easter and my oldest brother birthday. On Easter sunday my oldest sister and her kids had a Easter egg hunt at there house and invited me and my mum and dad  as well to join. My dad and mum drove me there and while my dad was driving and talking to my mum I was on my phone playing favourite game called Subway Surfer and watching videos I made on my phone, it was a pretty boring drive because I didn’t have anyone to talk to and I was also very hungry as well. My niece's and nephew’s and I was making these really cute basket while my mum and dad was talking to my oldest sister and her husband. We all then was done making our basket and started the Easter egg hunt, after that we had lunch which was hot chips with fizzy drinks and chicken pasta. It was very yummy to eat and then we have to go pick up my little brother, my oldest brother son and my second oldest sister son from McDonald's because my oldest brother took them to something I don’t know about. We then want back to my house and watch movies with my family,

On Easter monday it was my brother birthday and both of my oldest sister’s, my oldest brother and all of there kids came to my house to celebrate my brother birthday! All of my My niece's and nephew’s was watching movies while my brother and I was looking after them, we then started eating and all the adults was talking. All of them then leave around night time because they were going to another birthday and my oldest brother’s daughter named Tina stayed at my place for a sleepover with my niece, I love to call her Moana. Both of them stayed for one week then Moana had to go back home. Tina stayed because she loves to play with my sisters and I. Tina then went back to her house on Friday because my Mum and Dad were taking me to the hospital and there was no one to look after her. I was in the hospital because I was having surgery to take out teeth that were growing in my gums. After my surgery I was very tired and so I slept a lot in my hospital bed and went home around 6:30. I was very hungry because I was not allowed to eat the whole day, my sister went to KFC to buy me mashed potato with gravy, I had a very long and busy school holiday!

File:Eureka CA St. Joseph Hospital.JPG - Wikimedia CommonsFoil Covered Chocolate Easter Eggs Mary Ann's Chocolates D… | FlickrBirthday Cake | I had my birthday a few days ago. Did a real… | Flickr

Friday, 7 April 2017

Manaiakalani and Me

My first presentation as a Manaiakalani Ambassador

Monday, 3 April 2017

No Excuses

Most people litter everywhere, especially around waterways a lot, like your family members, friends, neighbours or even yourself.  But it’s not ok to litter around. When you do it, you have some very good excuses to do so. Remember!!!!! there is NEVER a good excuses for littering. Following are some of the excuses people made to cover what they do.

’’It’s just a lolly wrapper.’’

’’Everyone else does it!’’

’’It fell out of my pocket’’

’’Why shouldn’t I?’’

’’It’s so tiny, it won’t matter’’

’’I saw an adult do it.’’

”Animals will eat apple core”

”There wasn’t a sign telling me not to litter”

Have you ever littered and thought you had a good reason for it?

Friday, 17 March 2017

Learning About Waterways In NZ

Yesterday my class and I were supposed to go to the swimming pool but we end up going to Pakuranga Sailing Club at Farm Cove Beach because a lot of us didn’t bring our swimming togs.

We want there by the big and flash Toyota Van and Nicola my teacher drove us there as well.
While my teacher was driving the van Matthew, Kyi Kyaw and I was talking to each other and there was no music on because Nicola didn’t turn on the radio. I was pretty sad because I love to listen to music but at least I talk with my friends.

We then made it to the beach and we all got out of the van.
We then started walking while looking at different boats, beautiful houses, some guys fishing and the sea!
We then walked to the beach and saw some rubbish on the beach and pick them up because we need to keep our waterways clean and tidy. We also throw them in the bins as well. It was low tide which means there was not much water in the sea and walk on the sand while looking at the seagulls flying around the sea. It was so beautiful and I felt like I was Moana. I then started singing ‘How Far I'll Go’ by the disney movie Moana in my head because I didn’t want anyone to hear me sing, I then walked back to my class and walked off to the park near the beach.
My class and I then played Snakes and Ladders which was fun. There was slides which was the snakes and ladders. We then have to go back to school because it was almost time for us to go home. We then want back and had our lunch and had an awesome day at the beach!


Friday, 10 March 2017

Lets Make Our Waterways Clean!

On Friday the 10 of March 2017.

We looked at different waterways and places near our school, neighbourhood and other places.
We talked about keeping our waterways clean and tidy. Most people never put their rubbish in the bins. They mostly just leave their rubbish near the beaches, river, lakes, waterfalls and even at schools.
My class and I want to tell everyone it's not ok to leave their rubbish near the ocean, river and even forest because animals have to walk, swim or eat through our rubbish. It’s not ok for animals walking, eating or even swimming through our rubbish we leave for them.  We need to keep our ocean and forest clean for animals to walk, swim and not for them to eat because some can die or even get sick from our rubbish.
We all have to pick up our rubbish and put them in the bins or even recycle and make instruments,
jewellery or many things you can make out of our rubbish!
So, What you going to do? Leave our waterways and forest dirty or? Are you going to put your rubbish in the bins? File:Ulva Island rainforest. ...File:On the Clutha River at ...

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

New year new me

Malo E Lelei everyone,

IMG_3462.JPGMy name is Mina and welcome to my blog. This year I am the new Manaiakalani Ambassador. It was pretty scary at first but after I had presented at the visitors day in Term one I was more confident. All of my family came to watch me and support me. I have been blogging for 3 years and I love sharing on my blog. I am going to try hard to be the best Ambassador for Sommerville.

Monday, 27 February 2017

All About My Classroom And Teacher

Let's Play Touch Rugby!

On Monday the February of 20th.
My class and I went to Mount Richmond Satellite class at Papatoetoe Intermediate.
We were invited to play Touch Rugby with the students from Mount Richmond.
We also had Lionel class and Kate from EW2 and Andrew from EW3 came with us as well.
We went there by the big and flash Toyota van.
While driving there I talked to my friends and sing some songs that I know from the Radio.
We then made it and had our Morning Tea. We then started playing with the students from Mount Richmond. While playing Touch Rugby I got a point for my team!
Really proud of myself!
Later on I watched everyone play while talking to my friends Natasha and Julia.
We then had an break under this really big tree and had our bottle of water.
We then played one last time.
I didn’t played because I was looking after my friend Lauren from Lionel class who tripped over while playing. After playing Touch Rugby we were told that we won the game.
We was so proud and we also said thank you to John who made this happen!
We went back to our classroom and had our lunch outside.
We all were so exhausted yet we all had fun!

Monday, 13 February 2017

In The Summer Holidays

In the holidays.
I stayed at home with my family for Christmas and New Years. Me and my dad started to make dinner and my rest of my family and Uncle who came all the way from Tonga stay with us for Christmas and New Years went to church while me and my dad started making Christmas dinner. Around 4:00 Pm. We started opening our gifts from each other because my sister have to go to work in the morning.  For Christmas I got an cute donut book with a lot of pencils and a lot of cookies from my older sister name Nia, me and my brother got this big swimming pool from my oldest brother, a lot of chocolates from my oldest sister, a new phone from my family! And I got a new teddy bear name Bear bear from my dad. On New Year night. Nia and my little brother name Paul, my dad and I want to the city for the countdown near the Sky Tower. It was my sister, brother and I first time going and it was really awesome! Around ten o’clock at night. I wrote a letter to myself and my new year resolution. Every year around night time. I always write an letter to myself and ask question about how is life, remind myself to help out with my family, my friends or anyone! And say motivation words to myself. I started writing these letters since 2015 and always write them every year. I and always write them on my phone, my older sister name Rita laptop or a book that I find. On the last day of the school holiday. My older sister, her friends and I went to the Beach, When we all got there, we started walking on this platform. We didn’t want to go in the water yet because it was cold. Rita then said I should jump of the platform near the water. So I did! I then ended up have to go the doctors with my sister and my dad because I had this really big cut behind my back of my foot. The doctor say that I have to wear this bandage around my cut for two weeks and take these pills to make my cut better. Two weeks has past and I still have my cut behind my back feet but? At least I don’t have to wear a bandage.
Anyways! I had an crazy yet amazing holiday!

File:Steg-Kharamana-Hotel- Caitlinator Writing.... Doctor's Office, ...