Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My Weekend

On Sunday it was Father’s Day and my oldest brother and his kids came over for dinner. My Mum made roast chicken with Mashed Potato and Mix vegetable for dinner while I was playing with my niece. My Mum then called for everyone to come to the kitchen to eat, we all came and started eating. After having dinner my niece, nephew and I had ice cream then my niece and I carried on  playing. My brother and his wife came back and had their dinner , my Mum dished out before they came while my niece and nephew were playing basketball outside in the backyard. The kids, my brother, his wife and I then played video games with my little brother on the Xbox. My second oldest sister came over with her four children and I started playing with them while I was on my phone checking if anyone had massaged me. My Dad is currently in Tonga and my Niece’s had a song for him so my Mum rang him by landline phone and they started singing. My Dad said thank you to the girls and then my Mum and him started talking on the phone while the kids and I started drawing on my art book. My sister then left with her kids and it was just my niece and nephew, my brother and his wife left. I then played my Bop-it with my niece while my nephew played video games with my little brother. c26-B004UCBU6M-1-l.jpg77a4299142a88c645534dbf45a78733b--pusheen-the-cat-comics-pusheen-cat.jpg

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