Friday, 6 July 2018

Mina Poems collection

~ Friendship ~

Finding new friends

Real friends










Winter smells like breakfast in bed.
It looks like fun to ski and run.
I feel good sitting by a warm fire place dressed in my cosy coat and hat.
Tasting hot chocolate and snuggle down with my cat.

Sally my friend.
(Nonsense Poem)

Sally went inside a dark alley.
She was with her baby sister Yanny.
Sally and Yanny heard are sound.
The sound was a crying Tammy who was very hungry.


T errifying

U nderground

N oisy


E ndless

L ost

Monday, 25 September 2017

Secret Monet art collection on display

This event took place at  an exhibition in Paris. A famous painter named Claude Monet’s, who died in 1926,  “secret” art collection was on display in Paris last week. He kept all of his collection upstair in his private apartments at Giverny.
Screenshot 2017-09-25 at 10.55.39.png

Heading to Te Oro!

On Thursday last week my class and I want to Te Oro in Glen Innes to check out everybody’s art work. I went there with my Mum and Dad because I live near to Te Oro. My Mum and Dad stayed with me for a few minutes and checked out a class who was singing and playing with sticks. After watching the performance my Mum and I went to check out our Polluted sea class we worked on with EWC 3 and saw a lot of rubbish my class and edgewater 3  had collected from home and our  class made the Blow fishes, eels and our turtle! I smiled when i saw the polluted room and even saw some bean bags from our classroom. I then said goodbye to my Mum because my Mum and Dad had to go back home.  I painted Volcano’s and helped create a Volcano art sculpture with some of my classmate. We then went to another room to made bags with Shelley and it was fun making bags with my classmate. I went to my favourite room which was the ICT room with Matthew, Thiha and Kaine and made music. I had so much fun but then I had to get find the rest of my class and my Mum and Dad because they were leaving. While going back to them I saw Julia artwork which was a very beautiful Mountain and then went to my Mum and Dad. I said goodbye to my class as I ran with my Mum and Dad to their van because it started raining and went back home.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Turning bush into Butter

This photo is an Informal photograph taken at Winiata near Taihape. It was also taken when new technology made it easier to photograph what went on in the world outside the studio. I can see one cat, two dogs and two cows in this photograph. Mum and dad are milking the house cows. The family nationality is Maori. This photo was taken by  Edward George Child. You had to burn down native bush if you wanted to get rid of it for farming. It was  hard work that went into making and running a farm but it also had a negative impact on our forests. Gone forever. The photographer show part of a forest which is still alive  and a lot of burnt trees in the background. The good and the bad.

Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 10.51.21.png

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Playing "So Makelo"

World’s first mobile phone museum opens

Stefan Polgari from Slovakia has been collecting old cell phones from the internet for two years and since then collected  1,500 models. Now he made a Museum of his collection of phones last year in the small Eastern town of Dobsina.
Screenshot 2017-09-13 at 11.06.54.png