Monday, 27 February 2017

All About My Classroom And Teacher

Let's Play Touch Rugby!

On Monday the February of 20th.
My class and I went to Mount Richmond Satellite class at Papatoetoe Intermediate.
We were invited to play Touch Rugby with the students from Mount Richmond.
We also had Lionel class and Kate from EW2 and Andrew from EW3 came with us as well.
We went there by the big and flash Toyota van.
While driving there I talked to my friends and sing some songs that I know from the Radio.
We then made it and had our Morning Tea. We then started playing with the students from Mount Richmond. While playing Touch Rugby I got a point for my team!
Really proud of myself!
Later on I watched everyone play while talking to my friends Natasha and Julia.
We then had an break under this really big tree and had our bottle of water.
We then played one last time.
I didn’t played because I was looking after my friend Lauren from Lionel class who tripped over while playing. After playing Touch Rugby we were told that we won the game.
We was so proud and we also said thank you to John who made this happen!
We went back to our classroom and had our lunch outside.
We all were so exhausted yet we all had fun!

Monday, 13 February 2017

In The Summer Holidays

In the holidays.
I stayed at home with my family for Christmas and New Years. Me and my dad started to make dinner and my rest of my family and Uncle who came all the way from Tonga stay with us for Christmas and New Years went to church while me and my dad started making Christmas dinner. Around 4:00 Pm. We started opening our gifts from each other because my sister have to go to work in the morning.  For Christmas I got an cute donut book with a lot of pencils and a lot of cookies from my older sister name Nia, me and my brother got this big swimming pool from my oldest brother, a lot of chocolates from my oldest sister, a new phone from my family! And I got a new teddy bear name Bear bear from my dad. On New Year night. Nia and my little brother name Paul, my dad and I want to the city for the countdown near the Sky Tower. It was my sister, brother and I first time going and it was really awesome! Around ten o’clock at night. I wrote a letter to myself and my new year resolution. Every year around night time. I always write an letter to myself and ask question about how is life, remind myself to help out with my family, my friends or anyone! And say motivation words to myself. I started writing these letters since 2015 and always write them every year. I and always write them on my phone, my older sister name Rita laptop or a book that I find. On the last day of the school holiday. My older sister, her friends and I went to the Beach, When we all got there, we started walking on this platform. We didn’t want to go in the water yet because it was cold. Rita then said I should jump of the platform near the water. So I did! I then ended up have to go the doctors with my sister and my dad because I had this really big cut behind my back of my foot. The doctor say that I have to wear this bandage around my cut for two weeks and take these pills to make my cut better. Two weeks has past and I still have my cut behind my back feet but? At least I don’t have to wear a bandage.
Anyways! I had an crazy yet amazing holiday!

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Halberg Awards 2017

  1. What were the special awards on in Auckland last night?

   It was the Halberg Awards.

2. Name at least two NZ sports people who you have  met that were there.
I have met Valerie Adams and Sophie Pascoe.
Screenshot 2016-12-06 at 10.03.10.png

3. Who won the Disability Sports Person of the year? Can you remember what sport he does?

It is Liam Malone, he is a runner.

4. Who was named Sportsman of the year? Why was this so special?

It is Mahe Drysdale. He has won the same award five times.

5. What sports does the sportswoman of the year do? How did she do in rio?

It is Lisa Carrington. She has won the K1 200 gold and the K1 500 bronze in Brazil.