Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What did I do in my School Holiday?!

On my school Holiday.

It was my brother's daughter's birthday on Wednesday last week. My Mum, Dad and I head out to the Warehouse in Sylvia Park and brought her a Moana book and winter clothes. After buying her present we then want back home and me and my Mum wrapped up her present in wrapping paper. Next we waited for her to come over with my other nieces and nephews. Around twelve o’clock my nieces and nephews came to my place and I started playing while we all waited for the birthday girl and my brother to come over. A couple of minutes later, we all gave the birthday girl her presents. She was super happy and said thank you to us and she hugged me then she stay with her Mum most of the time because she was pretty sick we all then waited for my sister who had her birthday cake. My sister came over with the cake and we then started singing happy birthday to her while my Dad was making a video on his phone. She then blew out the candle when the song was finished and then started to eat pizza and KFC which my Mum and Dad brought earlier. After the birthday party was done all my other family members came and ate while my nieces and nephew was playing. Around ten o’clock everyone left and my sister, brothers, Mum, Dad and I went to bed and slept til the next day.  
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  1. Hi Mina,
    You sound like you had a busy holiday.
    From Andrew