Thursday, 24 November 2016


This is my all time favourite movie to make. It was so much fun working with everyone in our class room and also I specially like one scene, which is,when Nikhil (My class mate) and I say 'That is for Disabled people!' Make sure to watch this movie! 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Summer holiday Disco!

On Tuesday 8th of November. My class and I went to Tamaki Campus at Sommerville school for the ‘’Summer holiday’’ Disco. We went there by the Sommervile school van. Lauren from EWC 3 came with us on the van to. We went inside and my class and I started dancing. I danced with my friends and I got a prize and I got pastels. After that I was singing my favourite song called Side To Side by Ariana Grande. I saw my friends shouting and dancing while I was singing. After that the Disco was over and my Dad picked me up and we both went home. I had and awesome and exciting day!File_006.jpeg IMG_2293.JPG File_007 (1).jpeg

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Halloween Pool Party!

On Friday last week my class and I went to Pakuranga College for the Halloween Pool Party. I wore a scary masks and black cloths. There was a dress up competition and there were so many people dressed up. We played some games and my favourite game was the pumpkin bowling game. After that I started getting change into my swimming gear and got into the pool and started swimming. After swimming I got change and started to have my lunch. Then we all came back to school. I had an awesome day!
File_001 (6).jpegFile_003 (2).jpegFile_000 (1).jpeg