Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My School Holiday

In the first week of my school holiday it was Easter and my oldest brother birthday. On Easter sunday my oldest sister and her kids had a Easter egg hunt at there house and invited me and my mum and dad  as well to join. My dad and mum drove me there and while my dad was driving and talking to my mum I was on my phone playing favourite game called Subway Surfer and watching videos I made on my phone, it was a pretty boring drive because I didn’t have anyone to talk to and I was also very hungry as well. My niece's and nephew’s and I was making these really cute basket while my mum and dad was talking to my oldest sister and her husband. We all then was done making our basket and started the Easter egg hunt, after that we had lunch which was hot chips with fizzy drinks and chicken pasta. It was very yummy to eat and then we have to go pick up my little brother, my oldest brother son and my second oldest sister son from McDonald's because my oldest brother took them to something I don’t know about. We then want back to my house and watch movies with my family,

On Easter monday it was my brother birthday and both of my oldest sister’s, my oldest brother and all of there kids came to my house to celebrate my brother birthday! All of my My niece's and nephew’s was watching movies while my brother and I was looking after them, we then started eating and all the adults was talking. All of them then leave around night time because they were going to another birthday and my oldest brother’s daughter named Tina stayed at my place for a sleepover with my niece, I love to call her Moana. Both of them stayed for one week then Moana had to go back home. Tina stayed because she loves to play with my sisters and I. Tina then went back to her house on Friday because my Mum and Dad were taking me to the hospital and there was no one to look after her. I was in the hospital because I was having surgery to take out teeth that were growing in my gums. After my surgery I was very tired and so I slept a lot in my hospital bed and went home around 6:30. I was very hungry because I was not allowed to eat the whole day, my sister went to KFC to buy me mashed potato with gravy, I had a very long and busy school holiday!

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  1. Hi Mina,
    You sound like you had a busy holiday. Which Mcdonalds and KFC did you went in School Holiday?
    From Andrew