Monday, 25 September 2017

Heading to Te Oro!

On Thursday last week my class and I want to Te Oro in Glen Innes to check out everybody’s art work. I went there with my Mum and Dad because I live near to Te Oro. My Mum and Dad stayed with me for a few minutes and checked out a class who was singing and playing with sticks. After watching the performance my Mum and I went to check out our Polluted sea class we worked on with EWC 3 and saw a lot of rubbish my class and edgewater 3  had collected from home and our  class made the Blow fishes, eels and our turtle! I smiled when i saw the polluted room and even saw some bean bags from our classroom. I then said goodbye to my Mum because my Mum and Dad had to go back home.  I painted Volcano’s and helped create a Volcano art sculpture with some of my classmate. We then went to another room to made bags with Shelley and it was fun making bags with my classmate. I went to my favourite room which was the ICT room with Matthew, Thiha and Kaine and made music. I had so much fun but then I had to get find the rest of my class and my Mum and Dad because they were leaving. While going back to them I saw Julia artwork which was a very beautiful Mountain and then went to my Mum and Dad. I said goodbye to my class as I ran with my Mum and Dad to their van because it started raining and went back home.


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