Friday, 10 March 2017

Lets Make Our Waterways Clean!

On Friday the 10 of March 2017.

We looked at different waterways and places near our school, neighbourhood and other places.
We talked about keeping our waterways clean and tidy. Most people never put their rubbish in the bins. They mostly just leave their rubbish near the beaches, river, lakes, waterfalls and even at schools.
My class and I want to tell everyone it's not ok to leave their rubbish near the ocean, river and even forest because animals have to walk, swim or eat through our rubbish. It’s not ok for animals walking, eating or even swimming through our rubbish we leave for them.  We need to keep our ocean and forest clean for animals to walk, swim and not for them to eat because some can die or even get sick from our rubbish.
We all have to pick up our rubbish and put them in the bins or even recycle and make instruments,
jewellery or many things you can make out of our rubbish!
So, What you going to do? Leave our waterways and forest dirty or? Are you going to put your rubbish in the bins? File:Ulva Island rainforest. ...File:On the Clutha River at ...

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